Ninpuu Kamui Gaiden

Экшн, Приключение, Историческое, Боевые искусства, Самурай
Ninpuu Kamui Gaiden


Сериал (26 эп.)
С 1969-04-06 до 1969-09-28

Альтернативные названия

ru:Ниндзя Камуи

Быстрая навигация

Краткое содержание

Kamui is a ninja from the Edo period who has decided to leave his clan. After doing so he is pursued relentlessly by the members of his former clan; who consider him to be a traitor and therefore wish to kill him. Kamui then wanders around Japan to escape from them by using his intelligence and great abilities to survive. In the course of the series Kamui begins to suffer from paranoia because of his status as a persecuted man. Kamui then started to believe that everybody wished to murder him and became distrusting of everyone he came across.

(Source: Wikipedia)


Kouji Nakata
Kouji Nakata
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