Iruka to Shounen

Приключение, Дети
Iruka to Shounen


Сериал (13 эп.)
С 1975-07-30 до 1975-08-15

Альтернативные названия

ru:Мальчик и дельфин

Быстрая навигация

Краткое содержание

The series presents the adventures of Zoum, a white dolphin and his friends, two children who live with their sailor uncle. The cast includes several animals including a mynah bird (who understands the dolphin language in addition to the language of the other animals and the humans on the island and acts as a translator), a koala, and a sloth.

During their adventures, Zoum meets a beautiful female dolphin, called Za-za-zoom in the English version, with whom he has a baby.

(Source: Wikipedia)
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